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Tuition is based on our entire dance season and is broken down into monthly payments that ends May 2024

Upon Registration, a $35.00 Registration Fee/Studio Fee & Tuition Deposit (Amount depends on the # of classes) 

will be due to secure your spot.

A Tuition Deposit (Per Student) is also due upon registration. (This fee depends on student # of classes)



A Credit Card or Bank Account can be used.

Tuition is collected ONE MONTH in advance. 

Example: If you register in January, your February tuition will be due after you have completed your online registration.


Tuition (Auto Pay) will be deducted the 5th of every month! (If paying in Monthly Installments)

If your credit card or bank account for tuition payment is declined,

Any payment made after the 10th of the month; a $25.00 late fee charge will be added to your bill.

If tuition isn't paid by the 10th of the month, your child will not be able to attend class until tuition is paid.


Tuition remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month or studio holidays.

Please Note: The studio will be closed for certain weeks throughout the season.

Those dates will be posted in our Parent Portal and will not affect your dancer 48 weeks of training. 


Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable!!!




Payments other than Tuition, can be made on the online portal using a

Credit Card or Bank Account or Check. Cash is not accepted at this time.


Any return checks your account will automatically be charged with a $30.00 Fee


All Checks/Money Orders should be made payable to: Thalema Williams



TWS Registration Portal



  • Register for Classes

  • View TWS Bulletin Board for News & Updates

  • Manage Student Accounts

  • Make Payments

  • Book Private Lessons

  • Visit Online Boutique & Make Purchases

  • See Attendance & Report Absences

  • View Recital & Production Costumes

  • View TWS Calendar

  • And MORE!



Thalema Williams Studios – Dance Academy, reserves the right to withdraw any student

at any given time/day from our studio, any productions, events or performances and/or remove

any scholarships that were given, due to disrespectful and disruptive behavior from any student and/or parent.

Also absence without a proper written notification and valid reason will not be accepted.

Written notices can be sent through the TWS Parent Portal or email to be approved.


Withdrawal Policy 


To withdraw your student(s) from a class or our program fully, you must send an email to

by the 15th of the month to cancel for the upcoming month.

Your account will be charged for one extra month for early termination/withdrawal from a class or our program.

If the email notice is not received by the 15th of the month, your account will continue to be active, and all payments will be due.

Example: If you want to cancel a class or terminate the program for December, an email notice must be sent by November 15th

and a final early termination fee will be charged to your account in the amount of your tuition. 


Please Note: TWS has a zero tolerance for BULLYING!!!



It is very important that each dancer arrives on time to their class. We highly suggest arriving 10 minutes before class to get settled in.

Being on time means each dancer will participate in the warm up and be much better prepared for the rest of the class.



Make up classes are not available at this time.

If you miss a class, you will not be able to make it up.



Parents/Guardians are asked to pick up their student on time.

A fee of $10.00 will be added to your account if you are more than 15 minutes late and/0r more than 15 minutes early.

TWS is a dance studio, not a daycare.




All student dance wear and dance shoes MUST be purchased through our boutique which is located in our registration portal. 



Newsletters will be posted in our TWSDA Family FB Group at the beginning of every month. We ask that you download the Wix app and add TWS Family to receive all information. The newsletters will inform you of upcoming events, highlights, students(s) of the month, class closings dates due to holidays and any other special information! Please read it all carefully.



A program by students to demonstrate their achievements and progress learned in class at the end of the dance season.


TWS will have one recital showcase, scheduled for May. Recital is held on one or two days.

All dancers that choose the Recital Package will be expected to participate on both days (if applicable)

Please Remember: It’s unfair if a student only attends one day and we have to reorganize the class pieces.

Tickets will be sold to offset the expense of the recital. All attending must purchase a ticket.



A Production showcase is for ONLY serious, dedicated students. This will require more rehearsals and training.

All students must audition to be casted in the production. If fail to follow the rules required for the production student

may be removed from cast. Our productions are the best way to bring together various

story lines, music, dance, and other endless possibilities.

TWS will have two production showcases. Schedule for December & June.

In order to participate the Production package is required. Production will be held on one or two days.

Tickets will be sold to offset the expense of the recital. All attending must purchase a ticket.




TWS will have two demonstration days during the season.

Schedule for October & March.

Students will showcase to show family and friends what they’ve been learning in class thus far.




Our USVI Company & Solo showcase is to highlight our selected company members for the dance season.

Our company members will be learning new dance pieces to prepare them for different competitions throughout the USA.

This event will be open to family members, friends & the public to get a sneak peek of their performance.






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